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Cricket fan hits a Century !!

Centenarian M.A.M.SP.Palaniappa Chettiar was born in a small village-RAYAVARAM,70 k.m from Tiruchirappalli on 19 th December 1914.He will be celebrating his 100th birthday on Jan 2nd 2014.

A keen lover of cricket.He has not missed a single match after the advent of T.V. in India.He is a great fan of M.S.Dhoni and addresses the Indian Team as Dhoni Saar’s ( Sir’s) team.Now he has become a fan of the ¬†20-20 matches.He cheers with great enthusiasm,for the Chennai Super Kings.

He is also an active trader in stocks. He is very sharp with numbers and keeps track of his daily stock transactions.He can tell you the current price of his stock and the dividend that each company has declared. He also advises us, his children about the stock we should buy and the time we should sell.

Whenever people ask him the secret of his longevity, he shares his simple ways with them.

1. He gets up at 4 a.m and recites the Thevaram ,Thiruvasagam,Athichoodi,and  Kondraiventhan ,lying on his bed.

2. He walks for half an hour twice a day-morning and evening.

3.Right from his young age he has had his meals at regular times and in moderation.

4 He is contended to the core

5. He is fatalistic .If something does not go according to plan,he attributes it to fate,so nothing worries him.

6.One of his strongest characteristics is his abundant love for all strata of humanity.

7.His aim is to enjoy life to its fullest.

His leadership qualities are commendable.He continues to be the President of our educational institution -Subramanian Polytechnic College Rayavaram. He never misses a single college function and sits through them till the end.

He is a  great philanthropist and no request for help is refused.He takes pleasure in little things.Once a week he distributes biscuits to the children who live in and around his house .He knows them so well and addresses them all by their names.

Even in his 99th year he is mentally and physically alert. He is mobile and never uses a walking stick. His hearing,eyesight and speech are still good

He has 5 children,12 grandchildren,17 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandchildren.His extended family of 4 brothers and 4 sisters branches to more than 200 people. A whole host of relatives,friends and the entire Nagarathar Community of Chettinad are eagerly awaiting to celebrate his 100th birthday at Rayavaram.The most excited person off course is Sri Palaniappa Chettiar himself !!


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  1. P.Subramanian,Pudukkottai

    I am greatful to Ayyah for the affection he showered on me during 2001 t0 2011 when I was in the polytechnic
    which he is contjnuing even now
    I wish Ayyah many more years of active & healthy life

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